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Who We Are

Our mission is to help homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence.

Family Promise of Southern Delaware, Inc. (FPSDE) has been established as an affiliate of Family Promise, a non-profit advisory corporation based in New Jersey. The purpose of FPSDE is to unite faithbased community groups in efforts to provide hospitality, meals, accommodations, and re-stabilization services to families with children that are experiencing homelessness.

Existing community resources will be used to implement the programs and services of FPSDE. The facilities of faith-based groups will be used for overnight lodging; the congregations will provide volunteers for meals, hospitality, and over-night supervision. These community volunteers will receive training on providing compassionate and caring assistance to the homeless families served by FPSDE’s programs.

The participating faith-based organization will supply funds, volunteers, meals, hospitality, supplies, accommodations, and funding. Host sites are those larger faith-based groups that have facilities adequate to provide overnight guest accommodations. Each host location will have sufficient capacity to provide overnight accommodation for up to five guest families (up to fourteen persons) for one week each quarter. Each host location will furnish clean, safe, and private overnight sleeping accommodations. Portable beds (e.g., cots, air mattresses) and essentials will be provided by FPSDE. Each evening, guests will be transported by FPSDE from the Day Center to the scheduled host location. The volunteers at the host site will:

  • receive the guests

  • prepare and serve an evening meal

  • provide recreation and/or study facilities and assistance

  • provide hospitality and share fellowship

  • remain with the guests overnight at the facility

  • prepare and serve breakfast

  • prepare and offer sack lunches for each family member

  • assist the guest families in getting out and about for their daily routine (to school, to work, or to the Day Center)

Smaller faith-based groups without the capacity for overnight accommodation are also a key part of FPSDE. These groups -- known as support organizations -- will partner with the host sites to provide volunteers, meals, and hospitality at the host location.


The FPSDE Day Center will be maintained with supervision by a full-time director and social workers (e.g. case managers, part-time or full-time), who will be employees of FPSDE. The Day Center will assist guests in securing housing, employment, benefits, and other services to re-stabilize the family and enable them to resume a more normal life.

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